The benefits of flax seeds for your skin

Flax Seeds are famous for their numerous benefits. In this post, we will show you all their benefits. You will fall in love with their revitalizing and rejuvenating benefits!

Using flax seeds in our diet is a brilliant idea, we can also use them in our daily beauty routine, so we will have amazing results!

Enjoy all the benefits of flax seeds, both inside and outside of your body.

Do you like that?

Flax seeds propierties

1. Rich in vitamins!

Flax seeds provide us with vitamins, like the vitamin b1, a nutrient with high levels of energy and which is essential for the heart and the nervous system health.

2. Lignans and mucilages

Due to the presence of lignans, we can consider flax seeds as powerful antioxidants.
They also have mucilages which have important benefits to add beauty to a healthy skin.

3. ¡Omega – 3!

Flax seeds are a real treasure, because they are a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid.

FACIAL EXFOLIATING PEELING MASK is rich in flax seeds which will help you to activate the process of cell renewal, at the same time they will remove skin blemishes.

It also reduces enlarged pores and removes dead cells!

Reestablish the vitality and the elasticity of your skin.

Thanks to flax seeds, to the marine biotechnology, to proteins, to the group B vitamins, to olive oil, to macadamia, to jojoba, to granulated apricot that you will find in our MIRAUR facial exfoliating peeling you will show a perfect skin

Flax seeds origins

Flax seeds come from near east countries.

In ancient history they represented purity and divine light.

Nowadays they are mostly used in natural dermocosmetics because of their numerous benefits.

Keep in mind that when you buy miraur you contribute to strengthen our natural dermocosmetics which have respect for animals, for the environment and which has several natural ingredients and benefits for your hair and skin.


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