The Hair Line MIRAUR Dermocosmetics has been created to unite the BEAUTY and HEALTH of your hair. Indicated for all types of hair, the MIRAUR Dermocosmetics Hairline products contain a HIGH CONCENTRATION OF ACTIVE PRINCIPLES (18%), based on the Union of the most legendary BOTANICAL COMPLEXES, MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY, which includes the MINERAL BENEFITS DEAD SEA and the MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY.

The Hair Line MIRAUR Dermocosmetics has a wide range of hair products with IMMEDIATE RESULTS and guaranteed by MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION.

The Hair Line MIRAUR Dermocosmetics does not contain parabens. MIRAUR Dermocosmetics has managed to gain a foothold in pharmacies in a large number of countries thanks to its VISIBLE RESULTS, scientifically proven and endorsed by Laboratories with more than a century of history.

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