MIRAUR Dermocosmetics is the result of the Union of the most legendary BOTANICAL COMPLEXES, MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY, based on the Mineral Benefits of the Dead Sea and the latest and patented TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES of the most prestigious laboratories in the world.

The HIGH PERCENTAGE OF ACTIVE PRINCIPLES that MIRAUR Dermocosmetics incorporates in all its products (18%) makes it the most effective solution, intermediate between COSMETICS and MEDICINE.

MIRAUR Dermocosmetics demonstrates its EXCELLENCE and EFFECTIVENESS in different skin types and is endorsed by Doctors worldwide through MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION.

The diversity of the different skin types inspires the group of Laboratories that form MIRAUR Dermocosmetics to continue offering an ETHICAL, SOLID and INNOVATIVE research that allows to respond to the diverse expectations of beauty and health of the world.

The formulas of MIRAUR Dermocosmetics do not contain parabens, being excluded from all their product lines.
MIRAUR Dermocosmetics was born to transform your skin and achieve the union of HEALTH and BEAUTY in it, immediately and lastingly.


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