Our face. Our presentation card


The face, without a doubt, is the part of the body that receives the most attention, because it is the first thing we look at and it is the first thing that we show to others of ourselves.

Our eyes, our lips, our mouths, our cheekbones …

Do you want advice? The individual care of each of them makes us achieve a harmonious effect that falls in love, on a perfect skin.

It is useless to highlight the color of the eyes under a perfect makeup, if your skin looks dull, spots or wrinkles in different areas.

Speaking of a radiant face, is to speak without doubt of the result of several constants, like the habitual cares in the beauty routine, a healthy and balanced diet and a suitable rhythm of life.

On MIRAUR Dermocosmetics Laboratories, we select an extensive line of products suitable for each type of skin to incorporate them into your daily beauty routine.

We like to differentiate all our beauty dermocosmetic products by lines, always offering solutions for different skin types.

● Essential line
Indicated for all skin types, including sensitive skin type. In this line you will find a wide variety of products: masks, micellar water, cleansing milk, beauty fluid, creams…

● Balancing line
This line is the perfect solution for the type of oily and combination skin.

● Multivitamin line
It is an exclusive formula for all skin types, inside you will find colored microcapsules with hundreds of vitamins.

● 4 in 1 multi-effect revelation line
Indicated for the mature skin type, this line is based on a new concept that has its origin in several rejuvenation patents exclusive of our laboratories.

● Line of mud from the Dead Sea
Since old times, the muds of the Dead Sea have been used in the world of beauty. MIRAUR brings you closer to your home so you can enjoy all its benefits.

● Line manicure and pedicure
Created to fill the needs of hands and feet, even eliminated varicose veins and spots.
Indicated for all skin types.

● Hairline
Line indicated for all types of hair and formula make of the natural mud of the Dead Sea and all its Mineral benefits.


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