Miraur dermocosmetics born from the union of five european laboratories with more than a century of history . After the success of the first stage of MIRAUR, there are now seventeen laboratories that are adding to the constant evolution of this brand.

With the experience, ethics and profesionalism that characterize them, they are constantly researching to solve the different problems of the different types of skin in the world.
Always based on perfection, they decided to unite the best of the PAST, the best of the PRESENT and the best of the FUTURE in each of their creations.

  • The PAST is made up of the legendary botanical complexes based on plants and flowers.
  • The PRESENT is represented in the 26 Minerals of the Dead Sea recognized worldwide for its benefits for the health and beauty of the skin.
  • The FUTURE is represented by the latest technology and continuous research to solve problems that appear on the skin.

MIRAUR Laboratories Dermocosmetics work daily and for more than a century of history to connect the beauty and health of the skin, without any testing of their products on animals and without parabens in any of their products.

Another characteristic of MIRAUR is that all our products are created and established in the result of the union of the most legendary botanical complexes, marine biotechnology, based on the beneficial Dead Sea Minerals and patented technological advances.

The other percentage of active ingredients that MIRAUR incorporates into its beauty and health products make it the most effective solution, intermediate between cosmetics and medicine.

The diversity of the different skin types inspires MIRAUR to continue offering an ethical, solid and innovative research to the diverse expectations of beauty and health of the world and offering true results.


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