Get ready for the cold in winter: care your skin

The winter invites to hide the skin, but this is not an excuse for not taking care of it.

In fact, this is the ideal station to dedicate the best and most delicate care to you since the

cold and environmental pollution often wreak havoc on the skin during this time.

When it’s cold, there are skins that look pale.

This is the result of vasoconstriction, that is, the capillaries contract decreasing the irrigation.

As a consequence, there is less oxygen and nutrients for the cells, the replacement is delayed and dead cells accumulate, giving an opaque and grayish appearance, likewise in winter, the skin feels tight, and as a result of the layer formed by dead cells, which prevents that the sebaceous secretion reaches the surface in order to lubricate and nourish the epidermis, leaving the skin dry and sensitive.

How to care for the cold skin?

The first step is HYDRATION!

We must always offer our skin a perfect hydration, it make sure the health and beauty of the face.

We must choose dermocosmetic products appropriate to our skin type and avoid parabens and alcohols in them.

Have you thinked about caring for your skin with the most effective dermocosmetics?

MIRAUR is the solution for your skin to be perfect this year.

Start now to use our dermocosmetics. You will not regret it!

Visible results thanks to miraur

Endorsed and scientifically proven by Laboratories with more than a century of history, the MIRAUR Dermocosmetics formulas do not contain parabens, and they offer an investigation

ethical, solid and innovative that allows to respond to the diverse expectations of beauty and health of the world.






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