3 essential tips to fight cellulite

¡Diet, sport and dermocosmetics!

Cellulite is due to fat cells that bunch up underneath the skin. It usually affects the areas of hips, thighs, buttocks and even the abdomen.

It is believed that cellulite mostly occurs in overweight people, but it is not true, since it can also occurs in skinny people.

The diet has an important role

“You are what you eat” that’s why a balanced and varied diet helps to improve blood circulation.

There are several anti-cellulite foods, such as:

  • bananas, pears, pineapple.
  • sunflower seeds, celery.
  • eggs, walnuts, ginger.
  • cabbage, barley and rosemary.


It is important to exercise regularly because not only is it helpful to increase muscle tone but it also helps to Combat all the factors that may affect the occurring of cellulite.


The use of different dermocosmetics and anti-cellulite products is essential to combat cellulite. In MIRAUR Dermocosmetics we have created our ANTI-CELLULITE CREAM.

Every person who has tried it was amazed by it!

Its  INNOVATIVE FORMULA contains the 26 Minerals of the Dead Sea, horse chestnuts, arnica, organic silicon, L-carnitine and Cinnamon!

With our Anti-cellulite Cream you will combat cellulite!
But it also combat skin orange peel and your skin will be firmer and more toned.

Have a perfect silhouette!

It also combats stretchmarks and it helps to improve blood circulation.

It’s a Magical cream! You will love it!




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